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Travel Protection

Protecting your travel investment, your belongings and most importantly you for those unforeseen circumstances that may arise before or during your trip.

Don’t leave for your vacation or business travel totally up to chance. You must protect the vacation investment with Travel Protection.

Here’s How it Works:

Emergency & Medical Expenses

Emergency & Medical Expenses

Even a little flu bug could end up costing your client big bucks – particularly in a foreign country. ExactCare from BHTP covers medical issues and dental.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Most airlines and hotels won’t reimburse for a cancelled trip. ExactCare offers “cancel for any reason” coverage.

Protecting Flights & Luggage

Protecting Flights & Luggage

No one likes a lost bag, missed connection or delayed flight. Luckily for your clients, AirCare, pays for a wide range of flight mishaps. It almost makes them worth celebrating…almost.

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