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Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest: One of the Seven wonders of nature.

The Amazon rain forest covers over a billion acres in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Equator, Peru, Bolivia and Guiana.

It has been described as the lung of our planet. The beauty, majesty and timelessness of rain forest are indescribable. It is almost impossible to capture on film, to describe in words or to explain to those who have never had the awesome inspiring experience. The life force of the forest is the Amazon River.

It is typically a tropical climate, it is hot and humid with average temperature of 80F and it rains almost all year.

From November to May is the rainy season, meaning high water levels, making navigation much easier.

During dry season it is harder to navigate.However it’s a great moment to experience wild life in the rain forest


1-Yachts: the best option

Yachts with cabins and private bathroom, air-conditioned (all air conditioning indoors), DVD (no TV recption), living/dining room, kitchen, for crew and in general a deck to admire the forest.

Capacity: ranging from 10 to 16 passengers. in double or triple cabins. Some yachts may be larger.

The route type depends on the client. Our basic Suggestion–> 6 days/5 nights: direct transfer airport/Pier, boarding, accommodation of passengers, navigating to the meeting of the waters. Black River Navigation (without mosquitoes) to Anavilhanas, to visit the archipelago, admire of birds and porpoises, creeks and rivers, focusing on alligators, piranha fishing,then return to Manaus. Transfer to airport.

2-Regular cruises includes: lodging in cabin with private bathroom; food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks); alcoholic beverages (light) and non-alcoholic drinks; excursions with a guide who is bilingual

Outings * in large regional boat (16 cabins) super comfortable, air-conditioned and jungle tours: (very accepted by foreigners but are not always immediately availabilite)

Mondays-Rio Solimões (3 days/2 nights) and complete itinerary (6 days/5 nights)

Wednesdays-Black River tour (4 days/3 nights)

Outing in luxury ship (Note: luxury in Amazon is not the luxury US but it is very good!)

Friday-Monday (3 nights)-Solimões River Cruise

Monday to Friday (4 nights)-Black River Cruise

Friday to Friday or Monday to Monday (07 nights)-Negro and Solimões

3-Reservations in jungle: Includes accommodations in a room with private bathroom; food (breakfast, lunch, dinner); regular excursions like jungle trails, canoe trips by streams and rivers, focusingon birds, Sunrise to Sunet, etc …, a bilingual jungle guide;

The hotels range from small and super comfortable with air conditioning in rooms, and we also have rustic hotels, on stilts.

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