Easter Island: The beautiful destination off the coast of Chile

Have you been thinking of the next place to visit for your vacation or just to spend time away from work and stress? You sure need to visit Easter Island, popularly known for its very amazing sites and statutes.

Notable Places

Easter Island, located off the coast of Chile, is a mysterious island known for its 887 historical monumental statues known as moai. These structures are evidences of previous life on the island sometime around 700-1000 CE. The earlier settlers on the island, the Polynesians were primarily involved in woodcarving and sculpture, and you’ll be highly fascinated with how much beautiful sites you’ll get to see there. There is also the Rapo Nui National Park which UNESCO named a special territory in 1995. The park has several amazing sculptures and caves that would make your tour a most delightful one.


Another very beautiful thing you’ll love about Easter Island is the climate. As a result of the isolation of the island, which of course had always been the case, makes the climate very cool since the wind blows without obstructions or denseness. It rains more in May, and there are no cases of cyclones or disasters of this sort.

Amazing Mountain Views

Wouldn’t you love to see mountains formed as a result of past volcanic occurrences? Their heights from the sea bed make them very astonishing, and you can enjoy several views of the island, known as isla de Pascua in Spanish.

Interesting Culture and Mythology

The Polynesian people who were inhabitants of the island spent much time engaging in stone creations like walls, houses and caves that sometimes talk about their gods or gods that guided families. They are also involved in music with the South Americans which has greatly spiced up their fun life.

Relaxation Spots

You would also love to spend some quiet time at the beach without any disturbance or a crowd to disturb your peace. The isolation of the island amounts a great deal to the luxury which one enjoys from being away from the usual hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life.

Wildlife and Conservation

The island is also famous for its enormous collection of various species of animals and plants which you would most definitely enjoy visiting. Some areas of the island are also good for rearing livestock which eventually makes it a habitable place for both man and animals.

Visiting Easter Island sure would be a memorable experience for you, so long as you fancy adventure and expeditions to old places not commonly talked about. Be sure that you go with a tour guide, so you could enjoy the best of the tour. There’s also the Mataveri International Airport that could make your travel easy, and the diverse restaurants there would be most pleased to serve you.


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